Window on Wellesley

For two days in October, members of Bandaloop defied gravity and danced on the outside walls of the new Pendleton West music pavilion, in celebration of the public opening of the renovated arts building.More
Portrait of Karen Petrulakis
“I really love a higher-ed practice, because it’s relevant, and you feel like you’re doing something that’s really worthwhile,” says Karen Petrulakis, who became Wellesley’s first general counsel last summer.More
Yona Levin ’18, Tashay Campbell ’18, and Anna Hunter ’19 pose by the student mailboxes in the Lulu
An editorial intern at a literary agency, an intern at the New York County District Attorney’s Office, and a reporter at the ABC News Beijing bureau… these are three of the students who spoke at this year’s Tanner Conference.More
Students dig by the site of College Hall.
Elizabeth Minor’s Introduction to Archaeology class last semester conducted a dig on the site of College Hall, and found melted window mullions, shards of dishes, an oyster shell, and the remains of a porcelain bud vase.More
Photo of Career Education staff sitting on the steps of Green Hall
Since Christine Cruzvergara came to Wellesley in January 2016 and was charged with redesigning what the career experience would look like for students and alumnae, the department has changed “in every single way that you can probably imagine.”More
Photo of David Teng Olsen's mural  in the windows of the Davis courtyard.
David Teng Olsen, associate professor of art at Wellesley, was tapped to create the first of a series of installations in the Davis Museum courtyard.More
Photo of monks assembling a mandala out of sand in the Davis Museum.
A hush pervaded one of the Davis Museum galleries as two Tibetan monks slowly etched a sand mandala pattern onto a blue cloth ground. The only sound in the room was the scritch-scritch of the…More
Portrait of Yasmine Reece ’19 in her volleyball uniform, holding a volleyball.
If there’s a theme in the athletic career of Yasmine Reece ’19, it’s probably jumping. She played basketball and volleyball for years, and she even tried the high jump. In the end, though, volleyball won out.More
Photo of student painting cards with slogans like "Take your time" "Don't give up" and "Light for the Fight"
Michelle Yu ’19 and April Chen, a junior at Babson College, saw the need for cards that expressed quiet caring for people with serious medical or emotional issues. Since October, they’ve been selling cards with black and white illustrations and messages like “Take Your Time,” “This Too Shall Pass,” and “Feel Deeply, Heal Softly.”More
Portrait of Alexandria Smith, assistant professor of studio art
Alexandria Smith, assistant professor of studio art, is animated by the desire to tell more than one story, especially about people of color. “Visual art and media are critical in shaping the ways we view others,” she says.More
Portrait of Katie Hall '84
Katie Hall ’84 spent decades working for some of the country’s top research labs, and holds 98 patents, the bulk of them focusing on wireless technology, with more pending. But after the 2016 election, Hall wanted to change focus—which led her back to Wellesley.More
Marta Rainer '98 sits in a bathtub on stage surrounded by books as part of her one-woman show
Actress and lecturer in theatre studies Marta Rainer’s advice on pursuing a life in theatre: “Read a lot. Keep filling your cup with things that inspire you. And try to show up for things, because sometimes the hardest thing is walking in the room and being present to the people that you want to play with.”More