Window on Wellesley

Just before the curtains closed on the fall 2022 semester, the Ruth Nagel Jones Theatre in Alumnae Hall was transformed into the colorful Kit Kat Club of Weimar Berlin for the musical Cabaret.More
Photo of Jamie Motley
Wellesley’s new Anne Shen Chao ’74 Office of Student Success is focused on the development of the whole person, and this requires collaboration across the entire College.More
A photo of Ana Julia Daza Walter ’24 at Iguazu Falls with friends, smiling and wearing life preservers
“My biggest shock was seeing the amount of Venezuelans that reside in Buenos Aires and how they have built solid communities and organizations. It has been an awesome part of this trip I was not expecting, but I have gotten to connect to my own roots.”More
Photo of Bettina Makalintal opening a bag of rice as part of a cooking demonstration
“For me, vegetarian adobo represents how I like to think about Filipino food in my life. I can take dishes that remind me of my family and where we came from, but I can adapt them to my own palate, preferences, and values.”More
Ilustrated ad from Life magazine in 1941, featuring a square Wellesley Fudge Cake, an older man eating a slice of cake, with the tag line, "Wellesley Fudge Cake made with Baker's Chocolate is a taste you never outgrow!"
Wellesley is well known as an excellent liberal arts college—but also as a decadent chocolate cake.More
A photo of December finishers toasting each other with champagne.
Launching the Class of 2022.5 In December 2022, 62 students celebrated their final semester at Wellesley at a festive gathering in the Alumnae Hall Ballroom. Melissa Jo Zambrana ’15, assistant director of alumnae engagement, welcomed…More
A photo portrait of Mingwei Song, professor of Chinese
Mingwei Song, professor of Chinese, was a child in China when he discovered a stash of books in the factory where his mother worked. He recalls reading fairy tales and, before long, works by Dickens, Hugo, Balzac, and others. Perhaps his early readings provided a key to the future.More
A photo portrait of Lauren Holmes '07.
Newhouse Visiting Professor of Creative Writing Lauren Holmes ’07 teaches Writing for Television. The course dissects TV pilots and web series. “I’m looking for the clearest examples of character building, story building, and the story engine,” she says.More