Class Notes

Photo courtesy of Wellesley College

A student poses in the tropical plant house in the Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses, date unknown.


A photographic portrait of Rachael Arauz ’91

Rachael Arauz ’91

In an exhibition for the Portland Museum of Art In the Vanguard: Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, 1950–69 , Rachael Arauz ’91 and her co-curator tell the story of Haystack’s founding by a small group of artists—including a Wellesley alumna.More
A photo portrait of Danielle Durchslag ’03

Danielle Durchslag ’03

Artist and filmmaker Danielle Durchslag ’03 was born into what she describes as a “Jewish dynasty.” Now, she explores the psychological and political complexities of the world of Jewish American wealth she grew up in through her experimental films.More
A photo portrait of Shelly Anand '08

Shelly Anand ’08

Shelly Anand ’08 created a blog, Wellesley Underground, in 2009, as “a space to have a counter-narrative of success,” as well as a place to explore “difficult questions of identity,” she says.More

In Memoriam

A photo portrait of Cokie Boggs Roberts '64


Cokie Boggs Roberts ’64 died on Sept. 17 in Washington, D.C. Those who know her will not be surprised to hear that until her very last days she was charging ahead, making plans and airline reservations, preparing to participate in ABC News coverage of the Democratic presidential candidate…More
A photo portrait shows a smiling Amalie Moses Kass '49


Amalie Moses Kass ’49 died peacefully at home in Belmont, Mass., on May 19. Born and raised in Baltimore, Amalie became a Bostonian starting with her Wellesley student years, engaging deeply in the community and especially with the College.More
A photo portrait of Luther "Terry" Tyler


Luther T. Tyler—“Terry” to his friends and colleagues—died on July 24, after a long period of illness. Terry joined the English department in 1978, where he was a Pinanski Prize-winning teacher and a treasured colleague.More
A photo portrait of Ruth Anna Putnam


Despite the power of words, they cannot do justice to the life, accomplishments, or character of Ruth Anna Putnam, a professor of philosphy at Wellesley for 35 years. Ruth Anna passed away peacefully at home in Arlington, Mass., on May 4, surrounded by all four of her children.More
A photo portrait of philosophy professor Ifeanyi Menkiti


Ifeanyi Menkiti, professor emeritus of philosophy, died on June 16. He liked to recall the old saying that philosophers bake no bread, but only to smile and disagree with it. He believed that philosophers could bake bread and should: that philosophical thinking should make a difference to everyone.More
Tributes to Wellesley alumnae by family and friends.More