Window on Wellesley

As walkers on the Lake Waban path stroll past the Wellesley Boathouse this summer, they will find a refreshed and brightened structure—and a pleasant new patio where they can stop to catch their breath.More
Psych Sisters
At this year’s Ruhlman Conference, people who heard Courtney Brown ’15 talk about introversion in the morning session did a double-take when they walked into the next session and saw Kelsey Brown ’15 present on frustration and motivation. Didn’t we just see that woman?More
The New Faces of Deanship
Faces both familiar and new are appearing in the ranks of Wellesley’s deans. The College has announced four appointments, including Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Joy St. John.More
An Almanac Fit for a Queen
Special Collections librarian Ruth Rogers recently went to the New York Book Fair and scored big. She beams as she holds out a small book bound in red Morocco leather.More
Commencement 2015
On May 29, the yellow class of 2015 stood and waved copies of We Should All Be Feminists by award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, their commencement speaker, as she took to the podium to deliver her address.More
Brilliant Brillo
The Brillo Box, like this one from the permanent collection of the Davis Museum, became a sensation in 1964 as part of the first exhibition of 3-D objects by Andy Warhol (1928–87) at the Stable Gallery in New York.More
Coming up Shortstop
Emilyrose Havrilla ’15 has anchored the Wellesley softball team’s infield as shortstop for the last four years, and the team has flourished under her watchMore
You’re Worth It
You may not have to give up latte to get yourself into a savings state of mind. It might even help if you choose to spend some money on things that bring you joy.More
Faculty Farewells
This spring, nine members of the Wellesley faculty retired, after decades of service to the College and its students. Longtime colleagues gathered in the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center for a farewell portrait. From left,…More
Rolling Right Along
It was in the chilly low 40s when this year’s Hooprolling race began, but it didn’t stop a crowd of devoted “littles” from saving spots for their “bigs” … and it didn’t slow down Sophia Garcia ’15.More
A Fruitful Endeavor
On a cool April Saturday, as cheers from Hooprolling echoed in the distance, a group of volunteers gathered for the annual spring cleanup and planting at the College’s Edible Ecosystem Garden. What was once a…More
Artful Spaces
The renovation and addition to Pendleton West, slated to be completed in the fall of 2016, is the largest project to date of the Campus Renewal Program.More
College Road
The entire campus was a sunsplashed yellow after the class of 2015 decorated it on the occassion of their last day of classes.More
Next Stop: Senegal
Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Donna Patterson is on sabbatical, but she can’t find time to talk. She has just organized a conference at Wellesley called “Medicine, Science, and Health in Africa and the African…More
Classic Tales with a Side of Gossip
For Sarah Allen, assistant professor of Chinese, “The Story of Yingying” represents what she loves about studying eighth- and ninth-century stories written in classical Chinese.More
Dark Matter, Light Heart
James Battat, assistant professor of physics, talks about the mysteries of the universe, the importance of remaining curious, and what his kids think he does all day.More